WiFi Thermocouple Multiplexer Shield


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Multiplex Wifi temperature measurement board for K-type thermocouples

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This Shield is designed to easily allow multiple high-temperature readings with an ESP8266 control board. Screw terminals are provided for thermocouple connections.

  • Multiplexing seven K-type thermocouples (Can read all sensors under a second)
  • Wifi capability (example firmware for local server and Amazon AWS IoT)
  • Suitable for only Lolin models of ESP8266 (27mm between headers)
  • Onboard Max31855KASA  Cold-Junction Compensated Thermocouple-to-Digital Converter
  • Works with K type thermocouples
  • -200°C to +1350°C output in 0.25 degree increments - note that K thermocouples have about ±2°C to ±6°C accuracy

Areas to use:

  • Automotive – Engine, Exhaust and Brake temperatures
  • Ovens, Furnaces, and Kilns
  • Freezer or Cryogenic monitoring
  • Chemical Processes
  • IoT applications like Multi-Zone Temperature Monitoring, Data Acquisition or Logging Systems

Open Hardware, Open Source Design:

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