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SchoolBus Processor Board.

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This is the core board of the system because of having the micro-controller on it. The design is a modification of Arduino Nano. The on board microcontroller is Atmel Atmega328P. This chip is very powerful and popular. The popularity of course came from Arduino. This board also has an USB chip and let you connect your computer via USB. The on Board FTDI chip will work as USB to Serial converter. Please be sure to install FTDI proper driver according to your Operating system.

You can download from below link

Sparkfun also have a nice tutorial on how to install FTDI drivers.

After the installation connect SchoolBus Processor Board to your PC using a suitable USB cable. A Virtual Comport will be initialized and you are now ready to upload your programs to the board.

Development Envirement:

The Arduino IDE is the most common development IDE. Please download and install it here

Arduino also developing a web based programming tool but below option may be better to follow.

The second option is the Codebender Web plugin. We love codebender and we will share our all example in that platform. Please take a visit to the codebender web page:

You can directly upload code to your board via web browser by the help of codebender technology.

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