THB6064 Single Axis Stepper Motor Driver Board


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This board is designed based on THB6064 Stepper Motor Controller IC

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The THB6064AH is a PWM chopper-type sinusoidal micro-step bipolar stepping motor driver IC. It supports 8 kind of excitation modes and forward/reverse mode and is capable of low-vibration, high-performance drive of 2-phase bipolar type stepping motors using only a clock signal. 


  • Single-chip bipolar sinusoidal micro-step stepping motor driver 
  • Forward and reverse rotation control available 
  • Selectable phase drive (1/2,1/8,1/10, 1/16, 1/20, 1/32, 1/40, 1/64 step) 
  • Step and Direction Control
  • High output current: IOUT 4.5 A (peak) 
  • Built-in thermal shutdown(TSD) and over-current detection(ISD) circuit 

Input Connections: 


DRV8818 Datasheet :

Microstep Selection:

microstep selection table

Current Setting:

100% current value is determined by Vref inputted from external part and the external resistance for detecting output current. Vref is doubled 1/3 inside IC, and compared with VRS. Io(100%) = Vref x 1/3 x 1/Rs The average current is lower than the calculated value because this IC has the method of peak current detection. 

To set the max current per phase place voltage meter from gnd to VREF.  Then use the formula above to get your desired current by adjusting the Cur pot. We mostly use Rs=0.2 ohm.

Ex: If you set the Current pot with a measurement of Vref=1 volts. The max current will be 1x1/3x1/0.2 = 1.66 amps


THB6064 Schematic

Board Layout:

THB6064 Board Layout


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