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Learn to code with this super hackable fidget spinner. Perfect for S.T.E.M. learning projects the Lightino uses an Arduino Pro Micro microcontroller with 8 RGB LEDs and an optical rotation sensor (QRE1113) allowing you to program different display features and POV (persistence of vision) effects.

The Lightino STEM fidget spinner comes with 8 RGB LEDs on the board. These can be programmed to produce many different effects in millions of colors.

The package also includes the Lipo charger.

I am thinking for a while about how to teach young generation coding funnily. We all know it is essential to learn how to code, but it is not so easy. It takes time, and most of the young learners give up and fail at the beginning. You need something interesting to continue and try many times even you fail one after the other. It requires more time and practice than you might expect, so you need a feedback mechanism that motivates you on trying without giving up. It is an absolute truth that Fidget Spinners finds its way into the hearts of young people. I decided to use this popularity and create a fidget spinner with RGB LEDs and Arduino. It was a combination of two things that I love the most.

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